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Scientific name : NAJA NAJA As we encroach the jungles which are the habitats of such wonderful yet dangerous creatures there are unavoidable instances where there is clash between them and humans. The snake rescuers make sure that they are rescued in a proper manner and are relocated in their habitat without harming them and also caring for the people in a way. The normal tendency of killing a snake at sight is nowadays changing and people reach out to rescuers and see to it that the animal is

THE SHORT EARED OWL (छोट्या कानाचे घुबड) The short-eared owl occurs on all continents except Antarctica and Australia. The short-eared owl is known to relocate to areas of higher rodent populations.During breeding season, the males make great spectacles of themselves in flight to attract females. The male swoops down over the nest flapping its wings in a courtship display.These owls are generally monogamous. Its food consists mainly of rodents, especially voles, but it will eat other small mammals such as mice, ground squirrels, shrews, rats, bats, muskrats and moles.

Making this image was one of my targets. When the female of lesser kestrel was sitting on the rock. I parked my car at a distance and after waling a few steps and then crawled towards the bird. Wearing camouflage clothes worked for me and I slow steadily reached the spot and made some images. Lonavala ,Maharashtra , India. February 2020